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Production Music

Specially mastered Production Music of Fanshawe's World Music recordings, specifically for the film industry, documentary films, radio, education etc.

Most CDs available from BMG / ZOMBA Music
Available for standard Licencing, MCPS etc.

African Trilogy 1

Chappell RML World Recordings: CHAP WR1 (CD)
Authentic field recordings of traditional African music with original ethnic instruments, performed during ceremonies and rituals of now endangered cultures.  The recordist David Fanshawe

African Trilogy 2

Chappell RML World Recordings: CHAP WR2 (CD)
Authentic African music - Rhythmic drumming, Tribal songs and Folk instruments, Ceremonies, Rituals, Incantations and orthodox Christian / Muslim chants. The recordist David Fanshawe

Music from Southern India

Chappell RML World Recordings: CHAP WR4 (CD)

Music from Thailand and Laos

Chappell RML World Recordings: CHAP WR8 (CD)
Authentic music from Thailand and Laos.  The recordist David Fanshawe

South Pacific Collections

Chappell RML World Recordings: CHAP WR5 (CD)
Authentic music from the Pacific. The recordist David Fanshawe

Sacred Music from Tibet

Chappell RML World Recordings: CHAP WR7 (CD)
including Temple Gongs recorded by David Fanshawe

Millennium Series contributions

(Chappells RML)

Sound Odyssey(KPM)

Compositions by David Fanshawe

Music from the Middle East

(BMG / Atmosphere)

First Track - Muslim Call to Prayer

African Music

Many tracks recorded by David Fanshawe