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Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga
ARCMusic EUCD 2159
A fully illustrated journey through the Tonga Islands (1978-88). A musical journey through the Tongan islands containing authentic field recordings (1978-88). It includes: the most authentic ceremonial chants tau'a'alo; traditional instruments such as the nafa drum & fangu-fangu nose-flute; faikava love songs; lakalaka historical songs serenades of banjos and ukuleles. Album concludes with the premiere recording of the new choral work Pacific Song: Chants from the Kingdom of Tonga. Fully illustrated booklet.
Sea Images Sea Images - The Best of David Fanshawe
Silva Records, SILCD 1205
presents 3 "Sea images" Trafalgar,  Lament of the Seas (based on Asian Tsunami) and Dover Castle with highlights from David's popular film and TV themes, and other new orchestral and chamber works - Tunes all the way!
Music content: Trafalgar, Lament of the Seas, Dover Castle, Arabian Fantasy, Tarka the Otter oveture, Serenata, England their england, River Thames, Three Men in a Boat, John Fotehrgill's Rag, When the Boat Comes in, Flambards, Dorothy's Theme, African Sanctus, Kyrie Call to Prayer, The Lords Prayer, DOna nobis pacem - A hymn for world peace, Planet earth - Fanfare and March and Trafalgar reprise. David's music is simply irresistible, as this selection makes clear. Taken together it paints a vibrant picture of a life - as he says himself in his own fascinating sleeve notes - 'full of contrasts and surprises'.  Brian Kay. Cover picture: centrepiece from "The Battle of Trafalgar, painting by William Bishop, 2005.
CD of Music from Flambards Flambards
Highlights of the theme and incidental music from the Yorkshire Television series. Composed & remastered by David Fanshawe, 1978- 2001.
Music tracks include: Flambard's Theme, The Flambards Whistle, Song of Christina, Aunt Grace's two step, Childhood memories, Cameos, Rags & Rides, Rhapsody - Looping the Loop, Lady Bountiful, Urchins and Whistle: Dorothy's Theme, Proposal & Wedding, Danger flight, Elm Park Cafe, Sandy's Death, Widowed ladies, Echoes of Lost Love, Tizzy's Themes, Elegy, The Last Waltz.
David Fanshawe has written the witty, perceptive and versatile score to match, reflecting an age when tunes were the fashion". ALAN PLATER
Currently available only from David Fanshawe as CDR
Commercial release under consideration.
African Sanctus CD African Sanctus and Dona Nobis Pacem
Silva Classics: SILKD 6003 (CD) SILKC 6003 (Cass)
Produced by David Fanshawe and incorporating important revisions made to the score, this new definitive recording of African Sanctus concludes with his latest composition dedicated to world peace - Dona Nobis Pacem. A full cast of international artists representing Europe, Africa and America unites on the concert platform with soprano Wilhelmenia Fernandez, the Bournemouth Symphony Chorus and Choristers of St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle. Recorded 1994.
CD + Cassette.  plus fully illustrated booklet.
Royalties from album sales will be Africa based charity.
Nile Music CD Music of the Nile
ARC: EUCD 1793 (CD)
Music of the Nile is the companion source album to African Sanctus. This album contains the pure, original African field recordings on their own, without the composed settings of the Latin Mass. Features some of the glorious ethnic music of Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya, recorded between 1969-75. Some of the most energetic and exciting recordings of African traditions including full versions of all the original ethnic music used in African Sanctus, from Uganda, Egypt, Sudan and Kenya. Bwala Dance, Call to Prayer, Cattle boy's song, Dingy Dingy dance, Song of lamentation, Ritual burial dance plus many more important African recordings both musical and environmental, of the authentic sounds of the great waterway - the river Nile.
CD book notes English, German, French and Spanish.
CD of East Africa Witchcraft and Ritual Music East Africa - Witchcraft and Ritual Music
Nonesuch Explorer Series: 7559-79708-2 (CD)
David Fanshawe has captured the spirit of a musical heritage, now nearly extinct. The music on this album comes from a part of East Africa whose musical traditions remain largely unknown to the rest of the world. Particularly fascinating is the manner in which music and medicine are combined in the indigenous practice of witchcraft: music takes on the power of medicine, and medicine becomes associated with the healing sound of drums, interwoven with beautiful threads of melody. Music content: Ngoma ra mrongo and Mwari Initiation (Taita, Kenya); Coconut Pickers Song and Matadoni Wedding (Lamu, Kenya); Marimba (Zaire) and from Kenya, Tuken Moral Songs; Giriama Spirit Dance; Kyamba Dance; Giriama Wedding; Alto Bung'o Horn; Akamba Witchdoctor;Pokot Witchdoctor; Pokot Dance; Song of Dawn; Lukuji; Nyatiti; Funeral Dance. Recorded by David Fanshawe between 1969-73.
CD of East Africa Ceremonial Music East Africa - Ceremonial and Folk Music
Nonesuch Explorer Series: 7559-79707-2 (CD)
East from the Congo across Uganda and Karamoja into northern Kenya, through Turkana country to Lake Rudolf, into the Rift Valley past Lake Baringo, up over the green Highlands and down into the hot, dusty lowlands of the Masai and on, to the heart of Wagogo land in central Tanzania -a thousand mile journey in music - drumming, instrumental and vocal music.  Music content: from Uganda, Acholi Bwala dance; Aluar Horns, Enanga harp; Giraffe song (Karamoja) and from Kenya, El Molo Hippo song; Samburu Warriors Initiation; Masai Women, Masai Radigin Songs, Emosiroi (Bissel), and from the Wagogo in Tanzania, Soothing Song; Marriage Ritual and Marimba. Recorded by David Fanshawe between 1969-73
CD of Music of the South Pacific Music of the South Pacific
ARC Music: EUCD 1709(CD)
If you wish to experience a wide cross-section of authentic Pacific island music - then this is it!  This album presents important highlights, personally selected by David Fanshawe from his extensive Pacific Collections, recorded over 14 years (1978-92) This album plays traditional music of great beauty and contrast - from the most alluring Fijian Meke, to contemporary bamboo and string bands of Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea.  Music Content: Cook Islands: Imenituki Mangaia, Manihiki action song, Pukapika drum dance, The Singing Reef, and Reureu Drum Dance. Chuuk Micronesia: Romanum 1 and Romanum 11, Papua New Guinea: Wagi Brothers Bamboo band, Rymoka String band and Sepik Flutes Kanengara, Solomon Islands: Pan Pipes of Buma, Pan Pipes Langa langa, Gilo Stones, Vanuatu: Fenes String Band. Fiji: Lali Church Bell, Hymn Viseisei Church, Rukua Church Choir, Taralala Dance, Warwick Vocal Group, Vakamalolo Yaroi, Tonga: Lakalaka Hihifo, Western Samoa: Fiafia at Aggie Grey's, Kiribati: Te Kamei Tewai, Te Kamei Batere
Special edition box set.  Extended CD book - fully illustrated Colour photos, notes, translations, CD book notes English, German and French.
CD of South Pacific Island Music South Pacific - Island Music
Nonesuch Explorer Series: 7559-79723-2(CD)
Do not expect to hear Hawaiian guitars, ukeleles and the Hula. Imagine, however, a musical odyssey through the South Pacific Islands travelling with a rucksack, 200 rolls of tape, 35mm film and stereo tape recorder. Here are some wonderful examples of authentic South Seas music - unbelievably beautiful and yet an endangered species. If you travel from the Cook Islands in an anti-clockwise circle via the Solomon Islands to Tahiti and if you search hard enough this is the kind of music you might have the luck to find. Music from: Cook Islands; Tonga; Fiji; Solomon Islands; Kiribati; Western Samoa; Tahiti. Recorded by David Fanshawe 1978/79.
CD of Spirit of Polynesia Spirit of Polynesia
Saydisc Records: CDSDL 403 (CD), CSDL 403 (Cass) Traditional chants, drum dances & other music from Rapa Iti, Fiji, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tonga, Samoa, Tokelau, Niue, Nauru, Tuvalu, Marquesas, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Cooks and Easter Island.
A comprehensive and fascinating anthology of the exciting drum dances, hulas and awe inspiring chants of the Polynesian islands. 38 tracks include: Aitutaki Drum dance (Cook Is), Himene Tarava (Rapi Iti), Himene Ruau (Austral Is), Bird Dance Hula (Hawaii), Haka Maori Welcome (NZ), Hoko War Dance (Easter I), Meke Wesi Spear Dance (Fiji), Faikava Love Song (Tonga), Tagi Lullaby (W. Samoa) Oar Dance (Tokelau), Frigate Bird Dance (Naura), Funafuti Chorus (Tuvalu), Imenetuki - Gospel Chant, Akatikatiki Drum Dance, Mako Chant (Cook Is), Haka Tapatapa, Pig Dance, Ruu Chant (Marquesas Is), Himene Nota (Bora Bora), Himene Tarava, Otea Drum Dance (Tahiti).
"Highly enjoyable - it's rhythmic to your bones & comprising a humour or melancholy that only comes with wisdom and the belief that the nature around you has a soul too." World Music. "It's all suffused with a great sense of exuberance and excitement." The Guide (Australia). "Both instructive and inspiring." Folk Roots. "It is both mesmerising in its combination of native sounds and traditions and complete in its scope. This is a unique experience and a vital document of a very important cultural tradition." Rock and Reel.
Plus fully illustrated booklet.
CD of Spirit of Micronesia Spirit of Micronesia
Saydisc Records: CDSDL 414 (CD), CSDL 414 (Cass)
Chants, hymns, dances from Kiribati, Marshall Islands, Kosrae, Pohnpei, Chuuk, Yap and Palau. Recorded in Micronesia by David Fanshawe
The second in our trilogy of albums compiled from the Pacific expeditions of David Fanshawe. Included are a welcome dance and Toddy cutting songs from Tabiteuea, the legendary Jebua stick dance from the Marshall Islands, songs from the refugees of Bikini atoll, special events on Kosrae and Ponape, the Star Path navigating chants and marching songs from Truk and Yap and historical chants from the Republic of Palau, plus the sounds of migrating sea birds. An important and fascinating musical document.
Plus fully illustrated booklet.
CD of Spirit of Melanesia Spirit of Melanesia
Saydisc Records: CDSDL 418 (CD), CSDL 418 (Cass)
Fiji, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea. Recorded in the Pacific by David Fanshawe between 1978 and 1994. Papua New Guinea features extensively with Sepik flutes, Bamboo Band, sacred Garamut drums and much more besides. Fiji offers various ancient chants, delightful hymns and dances and the Solomon Islands give us Pan-pipes, Gilo stones and some beautiful songs. Also featured are offerings from New Caledonia, Torres Straits Island and Vanuatu."The disc features much vocal music, a rich variety of drumming and some intricate music played on bamboo tubes struck with stones which would send Steve Reich wild. Two contrasting highlights are the beautiful Rymoka String Band song from Papua New Guinea, its choral harmony and strumming guitars instantly evocative of the South Seas, and the extraordinary Wagi Brothers band featuring huge bamboo tubes played with flip flops, plus distorted guitars and vocalists." Gramophone Magazine
Plus fully illustrated booklet.
CD of Pacific Chants Pacific Chants - The Singing Reef
ARC: EUCD 1793 (CD)
Traditional Music of Eastern Polynesia
This dedicated album of unaccompanied Protestant gospel hymns from Eastern Polynesia. It represents highlights from The Fanshawe Collections, recorded over 14 years (1978-92). The album focuses on the rich variety of authentic himene (hymns) indigenous to Tahiti and The Cook Islands, the Society Islands and others. To contrast the himene with the environment, you here five different sounding reefs.  Imenetuki and Himene Tarava can only be found in the Cook Islands (Imenetuki) and in Tahiti, the Tuamotus, Marquesas, Austral and Society Islands (Himene Tarava). Such Imene, or Himene, embrace purely Protestant ethics. Here are hymns that are unbelievably beautiful and yet part of our changing times. Music Contents Tahiti: Group Point Venus, Te Maeva, Tauraatua. Austral Is: Raivavae. Society Islands recorded in Maupiti, Tahaa, Bora Bora, Huahine. Cook Islands: recorded in Mangaia, Oneroa, Aitutaki, Penhryn
"Vibrant unaccompanied gospel hymns of the South Seas - a rare treasure and a delight" Pacific Islands Monthly "A Celebration of Life" Claire Leimbach.
Plus fully illustrated booklet.
CD of Heiva i Tahiti Heiva I Tahiti
ARC Music: EUCD 1238 (CD), EUMC 1238 (Cass)
Tahiti Annual July Festival. The spirit of Tahiti and its Living Culture. Vai'ete Place recordings by David Fanshawe. Heiva I Tahiti is the biggest cultural event of the year in Tahiti. It is a celebration organised by OTAC and the Ministry of Cultural Development expressing Joy of Living and the Spirit of the Love of Life. Four weeks of traditional competitions, re-enactments, non-stop performance in the annual Dance and Singing competitions.
Plus fully illustrated booklet.
CD of Music from Thailand and Laos Music from Thailand and Laos
Arc Music: EUCD 1425 (CD)
In 1994, I was extremely fortunate to visit Thailand and Laos in order to present and record traditional forms of music for the widely televised film "Tropical Beat". We explored the "classical", "ceremonial", "tribal" and "folk" music traditions that exist between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn. Northeastern Thailand and Laos was both a challenge and education. Our visit coincided with the Laotian New Year. We were also blessed to receive expert guidance and assistance from some of the most renowned Thai and Lao musicians. Personally, I find this music enchanting, hypnotic and full of charisma - authentic music  that entertains the people in their natural environment, with all the mystery of the east surrounding it. Listen to the laughter, imagine the grace and share the cultural ties that do unite our world from east to west. May this compilation please you and pave your way on a visit to the lands of a "million elephants". David Fanshawe
CD book notes English, German, French and Spanish.

Fanshawe Contributions also to:

World Music Network: RGNET 1007 (CD)
A musical ROUGH GUIDE which embraces the musical spectrum from the lilting guitar sounds of Kenya's Samba Mapangala to the traditional mbira (thumb piano) of Tanzania's Hukwe Zawose. Including "Moheme" Dance Tanzania: Wagogo Initiation Dance, recorded by David Fanshawe.

World Music Network: RGNET 1014 (CD)
A compilation album, featuring two tracks from David Fanshawe (The Pearl Divers of Bahrain and Tamarii Pirae of Tahiti: Himene Tarava), as well as contributions from Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Sweet Honey in the Rock and the Tibetan Buddhist Monks of the Schechen Tennyid Dhargyeling Monastery, Nepal.