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Fanshawe Biographical Films

(as shown on BBC TV and internationally)

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  • African Sanctus

  • Arabian Fantasy

  • Musical Mariner - A Pacific Journey

  • Tropical Beat - Music from the Tropical Belt
Video of African Sanctus

African Sanctus

Produced and Directed by Herbert Chappell
Feature Documentary - 1 hour

(BBC Prix Italia nomination 1976. BBC/ CTVC 1995)

Herbert Chappell's highly acclaimed original BBC Film (with Cameraman Peter Bartleet Editor David King) is the story of a remarkable journey made by the composer and explorer David Fanshawe which inspired his celebrated work African Sanctus. The film retraces his musical steps up the river Nile to the source of the Nile's music. Featuring many of the original musicians he first recorded in 1969, Fanshawe explains the ethos behind his work and the process of composition. On a quest to find his African mentor, The Hippo Man, he ventures forth. The original film African Sanctus was the BBC nomination for the 1976 Prix Italia Prize, nominated for the greatest creative contribution to television.

African Sanctus Revisited
(Director Herbert Chappell, Producer Jenny King, Executive Robin Lough)
The Updated Film, 1995, projects stirring and poignant images of Africa, This film combines authentic footage spanning 20 years, with Fanshawe's brilliant and innovative score. We see glimpses of the performance with The Bournemouth Symphony Chorus, Choristers of St Georges Cathedral, solo Wilhelmenia Fernandez, conducted by Neville Creed. The film also introduces Fanshawe's new work Dona Nobis Pacem - A Hymn for World Peace. African Sanctus is a visionary work which expresses unity between diverse peoples their faiths and their music. African Sanctus is testimony to the rich heritage of world music and has became a landmark in our musical lives.

Musical Mariner - A Pacific Journey

Award Winning 2 part series, broadcast on BBC, ABC, PBS Explorer Series and National Geographic  Festure 2 hour documentary about David Fanshawe and his work recording traditional Pacific Island Music

Part 1.  Papua New Guinea and Tahiti (1 hour)
Part 2. Tahiti and Easter Island (1 hour)

Copyright Lucky Country Productions
Bill Leimbach, Clare Leimbach
Cameraman Michael Dillon
Prize Winner in Australian Film Festival 1988

Video of Tropical Beat

Tropical Beat
- Music from the Tropical Belt

1 hour Musical Documentary (BBC, 1995) - with DAVID FANSHAWE.
Director Bill Leimbach, Producer Hugh Rule (Eclectic Films),
Cameraman Michael Dillon

"Compelling viewing - a feast for the ears and the eyes, truly educational". Sydney Morning Herald.
"Musical Explorer David Fanshawe introduces his quest for the spirit of Tropical Music" BBC TV

Filmed entirely on location between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, (Torres St Islands, Thailand, Laos, Zanazibar, Tanzania, Senegal, Cuba, Fiji)

For further information click here Tropical Beat

Arabian Fantasy