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African Sanctus

The Hippo Man

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to find out about David Fanshawe's pioneering and legendary music.

Afro-Latin, tribal-choral masterpiece The Observer

Symbolic meeting of two worlds Philadelphia Inquirer

Legendary oratorio out of Africa Miami Times

AFRICAN SANCTUS is a highly original work in which very different cultures have been imaginatively and ingeniously fused...its message of peace, goodwill and understanding between nations is most relevant today. Sir David Willcocks

African Sanctus has received international acclaim. It is a celebratory and visionary work, expressing unity between people, their faiths and above all, their music. African Sanctus is an unorthodox setting of the Latin Mass harmonised with traditional African music recorded by the composer on his now legendary journeys up the River Nile (1969-73). The taped music from Egypt, Sudan, Uganda and Kenya is heard in counterpoint with the live chorus, soprano soloist and instrumental ensemble. The work is composed in 13 movements and reflects geographically the composer's cross-shaped pilgrimage, from the Mediterranean to Lake Victoria, whereby Kyrie represents Cairo and Sanctus Northern Uganda.

African Sanctus is a universal work whose impact is immediate, whose message is simple, the driving force is one of Praise and a firm believe in One Music - One God. It informs both listener and performer about African music and its relationship to Western polyphony and captures the eternal and spiritual soul of music. It is an event, a celebration of power and energy, both visual, aural and multi-cultural, now performed live all over the world. For David Fanshawe there are no musical barriers.  Publishers: Warner Chappell/Music Ltd.

"The effect was spellbinding and won an ovation from a capacity audience" London Times

"A very engrossing, musically rewarding piece" Washington Post

"Fanshawe's Sanctus, electrifying, stirring" Pretoria News

"A work of pure vitality and excitement in which two distinct worlds meet" The Australian

"Shattering primitive power in the Sanctus chorus, poetry in the beautifully written Kyrie" Bournemouth International Festival

"Highlight of the Convention" ACDA Minnesota

"Literally unique, both in conception and completion" Antony Hopkins, BBC Radio 3"

"A work of ethnic diversity and multi-culturalism" Toronto Globe and Mail

"Mass meets Maasai - majestically ecofriendly" Melbourne Age

"Ethnomusicology at its most rewarding" The Citizen, South Africa

"The Lord's Prayer, rich evocative simplicity" Financial Times

"I have performed in innumerable ways over the past 50 years in both music and drama. AFRICAN SANCTUS was, however, the most deeply moving & fulfilling of any performance in which I have ever been involved." Choir Member

"Throughout African Sanctus, Fanshawe provides surprising, but always effective juxtaposition of African music and his own choruses the humanity and reverence we share with the Africans who Fanshawe recorded shines through every minute. It is an uplifting piece, also exhilarating with its strong rhythmic drive. Fanshawe's tapes and photos are a precious document of these vanished pieces of culture." Register Guard, Eugene, Oregon"

"These performances have the size and feel of a millennium turning event. The significance of African Sanctus hardly stops at its being a symbolic meeting of two worlds. The work deeply engages its audiences... African Sanctus has in fact become an unintentional Requiem." Philadelphia Inquirer

"A challenge to singers and listeners - Fanshawe's African Sanctus is as much an institution as an individual musical creation, combining tape with live performance and representing diverse religions and cultures. Written as a complete experience, rather than a conventional performance, the powerful effect simply cannot be denied. Plymouth Evening Herald

Visit www.africansanctus.com
to find out about David Fanshawe's pioneering and legendary music.
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